Hanson: Ready To Tour The Middle Of Everywhere

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Hanson: Ready To Tour The Middle Of Everywhere

For months the news of Hanson’s 25 Year Anniversary tour has filled the minds of music lovers across the globe.

2017 marks 25 years since the band’s first public performance and 20 years since their first major record made them a world-wide phenomenon.

So to celebrate these chapters in their career, Hanson will tour The Middle Of Everywhere, taking 25 years of music on the road. The music will span their career of writing and performing and showcase a new song ” I Was Born”.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Music, Taylor Hanson called this tour “the ramp into the next chapter”.

The Band will release a Greatest Hits album to go with the tour and later in the year they will release the much-anticipated new Christmas album.

The tour begins in Europe on June 1st, heads out to Australia and New Zealand on June 15th and The USA  September 12th through October.

So far tickets have sold quickly with some shows selling out in hours of general release.

Go to https://hanson.net/tours-events  for tour details and tickets.

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