VULTURE : Hanson on the 20th Birthday of ‘MMMBop’

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Hanson on the 20th Birthday of ‘MMMBop’

Vulture  Rebecca Milzoff

March 22nd 2016

“Children of the ’90s, prepare to feel really, really old: Twenty years ago this month, three towheaded, harmonizing brothers from Tulsa released the original version of one of the most inescapable songs of the decade, Hanson’s “MMMBop.” (We’re talking the original self-released demo, which was rerecorded later in ’96 with the Dust Brothers for Hanson’s 1997 four-times-platinum major-label debut, Middle of Nowhere.) Zac, Taylor, and Isaac have kept busy since then, with six studio albums, their own record label, an annual songwriters’ retreat (Fools Banquet), and, now, a beer company (flagship brew: Mmmhops) and attendant music fest (the third Hop Jam, headlined by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, happens in late May). Right now they’re producing and working on some new music (a new album for next year might be in the offing). Perhaps more important, though, they were willing to talk to Vulture for a full hour about nothing but “MMMBop” memories”.

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