OMG! The youngest Hanson brother has just turned 30

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October 24th 2015

by Tamara Hardingham-Gill

Here’s something to make you feel seriously old.

Remember Zac Hanson, the youngest member of that band of blond brothers whose catchy song  got stuck in your head in the nineties?

Zac Hanson (middle) with his brothers Taylor and Isaac back in the day (Picture: Rex)

Well he’s now a married father of three and has just turned 30 years old.

Yes, that cute child is now a man of 30.

Zac celebrated his birthday earlier this week and we have to say, he doesn’t seem to have changed much since he and his brothers Taylor and Isaac topped the charts in 1996 judging by recent pictures.

The singer turned 30 earlier this week (Picture: Getty Images)

‘It all happened so quickly, it seems just yesterday that we were fumbling to get our band on a T-shirt with Print My Logo for our first show’ the singer told Yahoo Music recently.

‘We used to say when we were kids, ‘It’s all going to be over in a minute. In a minute we’re gonna be old guys. We’ll be in our twenties’.’

Zac describes he and his brothers as ‘good Christian guys’ and says they were never very wild, even at the height of their fame.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/REX Shutterstock (319923a) Hanson - Zac, Taylor and Issac HANSON CD SIGNING AT COCONUTS RECORD STORE, NEW YORK, AMERICA - 10 MAY 2000
Hanson were huge in the late nineties thanks to their hit MMMBop (Picture: Rex)

‘Well, we started so young,’ he added. ‘That our version of being ‘wild’ or doing ‘crazy’ things when you’re 12 is not the same as when you’re 18, you know?’

‘Like, when you’re 12, it’s a crazy thing to stay up and play video games till 5 in the morning every night.

‘You’re just not as prone to be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to become a drug addict and sleep with all these hookers in the Philippines!’ It’s just not appealing to a 12-year-old.’

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Tang/REX Shutterstock (3404441k) Hanson - Zac Hanson Hanson live at The Apple Store, London, Britain - 02 Dec 2013
Zac is now a married father of three (Picture: Rex)

Hanson’s album Middle of Nowhere was a smash hit in 1997 and the boys are still a group.

Their most recent record Anthem was released in 2013.

Taylor, 32, now has five kids (yes, five!) with wife Natalie Bryant while Isaac, 34, is married to Nicole Dufresne and they have three children together.

So the boys have definitely been busy since MMMBop came out nearly 20 years ago.

Source: Metro (UK)

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