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Hold On I’m Coming 

The Blog Tulsa Times has reached its 50th edition and after several years of attempting thoughtful reviews and commentary on the Hanson story from a distance, we come to something more personal.

For a few short paragraphs, forgive the more invested style, the more personal testimony and unashamed proclamation of excitement.

After 16 years as a fan of Hanson, this writer and observer of all things Isaac, Taylor and Zac, will be travelling West to Chicago to join the Roots And Rock N Roll Tour as it kicks some Oklahoma dust up in the air and journeys on towards New York.


I freely admit that this is a dream come true for me.

I have attended Hanson shows in the UK, France, Italy and Tulsa and have racked up over 35 live performances. I have sat in the balcony, stood 6th row, danced at the back with my husband, leant on the front row barrier and had several difficult moments with fans of the pushing and shoving variety. I have made amazing, strange, wonderful, quirky friends and had more fun than a human being has a right to. I have been reporter for hanson.net and heard some of my most favourite songs ever, sung especially for me … if you get me ….

But I have never, until now, seen this band, on home turf, a full show, with full band and in iconic venues, which mark moments in Hanson time that I have read and written about and watched on dvd a million times.

Please understand that this is a moment for me.

I am about to be connected to the heart of Hanson.

It is about seeing and hearing this band on American soil, with the American fans that have supported them through all terrain for so many years.

It is about being in the House Of Blues, (the backdrop to the Underneath Acoustic dvd) where the floor bounces and the balconies reflect the black light and where 12 years ago in November, Hanson took to the stage with independent music and minds and declared that they were strong enough to break.


If I shed a tear during this show, it will be for this fortitude and resilience and generosity and the music that tells their story since.

When I became a fan in 2000, I didn’t really think I would ever get to see Hanson live. I didn’t expect to travel so far or be lucky enough to meet them. I didn’t think that they would visit the UK so frequently or that I would be able to find the time or money to attend so many shows.

The MOE events didn’t exist and a Hanson Beer and Music festival in Tulsa wasn’t even a twinkle in a dream, let alone someone’s eye.

But life is nothing if not surprising and thank goodness for that.

As I head out across the ocean tomorrow, I remember that the very best moments I have ever had with Hanson, have been gifts and surprises and that this whole journey has been one of many thank yous.

If you too are travelling, then I wish you a safe and happy journey. If you are staying put then I hope the news that emerges, brings you joy and makes you smile.


If you are in Chicago or NYC, then keep a look out for a fan in their late 50’s, talking with a British accent, probably laughing but maybe looking a little worse for wear. That will be me. I will be on the ground, not at home passing on news via the web and I would love to say hello.

So with packing to be done and tickets to be found and sleep to be had I will end my musing, but be it known that being part of this wonderful adventure is about to take a different, and much overdue turn for the better and I can’t wait.

We wish Hanson and everyone on the road, a successful and happy tour.

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  1. Boy, do I know what you mean! As a brazilian fan, who has been running a hanson site for over 15 years, it has always been a dream of mine to see them perform live in the US.

    Sometimes we thinks dreams are just dreams…. Never meant to come true. And, realistically, I would never have the money to just travel across thte world to see Hanson – not after I became a mother and my money priorities had a slight change –

    But the thing about dreams is that, if you concentrate hard enough, you end up moving torwards them in a very sutil way… Til one day you wale up and you’re there.

    As my family and I somehow moved to Canada a few months ago, I’m sure all those dreams I’ve been cherishing for over 15 years are about to come true! Sadly, not on this tour… But I know the day will come and it keeps getting closer!

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