San Antonio TX 12th August 2000

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Teen Dreams Hanson, Love it up at SeaWorld

Anne Miller Express News

The collective teen crush on Hanson was so heavy at the Sea World San Antonio concert Saturday that the most famous siblings in top–40 land had to stop their show three times and ask their fans to back up a step to avoid crushing those in front.

“If you guys don’t do that, we won’t keep going,” said Taylor, the middle Hanson sibling.

Eventually the (mostly) teen age girls complied and the show went on – a mix of crowd favourites from their past two albums, two new songs not yet recorded and a few covers.

Hanson – Isaac, 19, Taylor, 17, and Zachary, 14, – hit it big with “MMMBop” three years ago. Although they didn’t release another new studio album until this year’s “This Time Around”, the boys were mainstays in the magazines whose pages decorate middle schooler’s bedroom walls throughout the country, along with pretty boys and girls like ‘NSync’ and Britney Spears.

But the Hanson difference is talent. The boys can play.

Taylor is a triple threat, singing, playing keyboard and tossing his head to keep his blond locks out of his eyes. Towards the end of Saturday’s show, he pulled out bongo drums and a harmonica and stripped down to a tank top (which judging by the ensuing screams, the fans appreciated).

Brother Isaac occasionally hit a harder edge on his guitar, teasing out a little feedback during “This Time Around”. Even drummer Zac got some time front and centre when his kit was moved to the front of the stage. At times he traded his sticks for an oversized water gun which he wielded to cool off the crowd, some of whom had waited three hours in the sun for a primo position in the front.

The boys can sing too, whether they combined their tenors in sweet harmonies or left it to Taylor alone to belt out the lyrics with force and emotion.
Those who stayed past the encore were treated to an a cappella reprise of “This Time Around” that proved their vocal mettle.

A few rough edges showed up during the two new unrecorded songs. One,“Beautiful Eyes,” had been played only once before in concert.

When it was all over, the die-hard fans squealed their way out of the park.

“Wont you come with me little girl?” Hanson sang in an encore cover of “Magic Carpet Ride”.
Surely they didn’t have to ask.

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