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 That Little Extra

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” 
Jimmy Johnson

During the recent Hanson.net Live Streams for the 2015 member’s EP, members were treated to lyrics about sexy robots, bacon and sailing on a ship, with images of Jack Sparrow at the helm.
However, the lyric from day 5 that became an earworm and looks set to be a mantra for the coming months was – Start Working Harder.

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Credit to Hanson at Hanson.net

For Hanson it is ever thus.
Just recovered from Back To The Island 2015, with its windy beach and detour to the island full of women, Hanson, returned to Tulsa and threw themselves into the reconstruction of their office space and their yearly Fool’s Banquet song writing retreat. Sonic Ranch, El Paso, may have seemed like a nice quiet interlude, as parts of downtown Tulsa, not very many feet from 3CG records itself, continues to be rebuilt and converted into art and business space.

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The sounds of Tulsa, have for many years reverberated with the booming of road works and the cranking of cranes. And Hanson seem to have been a step head of the game in siting their offices on North Main Street; an area which is now a thriving hub of artistic and entrepreneurial activity, with a long way still to go.

brady arts

Not surprisingly, the next big date on the Hanson calendar is also set in Tulsa Town.
Hanson day is only 13 weeks away and while details of this year’s events have yet to be announced, some wonder if the 15 years anniversary of This Time Around might set a tone, or the next album get a little introduction.


All that can be known for sure is that Hanson will work hard and even harder to make sure that it is a success and worth the journey for the many hundreds of people who will travel from all corners of the world to hear Hanson’s music, meet their friends and experience Tulsa.
But alongside the music making, creating the new album, shaping their office space and making their art, Hanson continues to be a part of the vision that is a better Tulsa City.



Credit to Food On The Move

The Food On The Move initiative is a part of that vision and one that is spear-headed by Taylor Hanson. Working with local food suppliers and community organisers across Tulsa, Food On The Move is seeking to take fresh produce to food deserts in the area.People are invited to go along and receive fresh, healthy food, giving what they can afford, whilst the gathering itself builds community awareness and cohesion.
Echoing similar aims to the Take The Walk campaign, Food On The Move is also harnessing the benefits of modern computer technology and internet access for its long-term success.

During many walks, Taylor Hanson spoke passionately to the computer generation, appealing to them to use their skills wherever and whatever they are, to make a difference in the world.
Last week he was talking about Food On The Move with people in Tulsa at the Code For Tulsa event in the Brady Arts District.
Code For Tulsa’s main aim is to use technology to make life better for the citizens of Tulsa.
The event brought together people passionate about IT and their city, to write computer code that will enable local community initiatives to be more effective for the people they serve.

For many there is no doubting that Hanson are extraordinary.
From music with fools, to non-profit work with communities in Africa and Tulsa, the fans of their music, their ethic and their business acumen, need little convincing. And yet it is good to be reminded that underneath the natural talents of this music phenomenon, lies grit, vision, determination and hours of committed toil, to realise their ideas and bring them to life.

That some of those ideas and the humility it takes to live that dream are rooted in a love of home, is a salient lesson for all who love Hanson, their music and seek meaning in their songs.

In 2012, Taylor Hanson published a Love Letter To Tulsa as part of a Huffington Post series – Love Letters.

At one point he says of his home town,

“I love your humble nature — you taught me a lot– and I am still learning. As I have gone out into the world year after year to spread my music, which was birthed and cultivated with you at my side. I know that I still bring a bit of our deep connection with me. You are the patchwork of contradictions I hope I would be if I ever can claim a birthday beyond 100 years. A rabble-rouser and a gentleman, a cowboy and a businessman, an artist and a pragmatist”.
Taylor Hanson Love Letter To Tulsa

These contradictions may hold much treasure and promise for both the fan of Hanson music and the town of Tulsa.


For fans of the music, there is much to love and even more to look forward to.

For the human being there is inspiration in the example and intrigue in the possibilities.



Credit to Huffington Post : Food On The Move : Hanson.net


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