Tulsa Times #42 From Pumpkin Pie to The Best Of Times.

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From Pumpkin Pie to The Best Of Times.

Since our last edition of Tulsa times, Hanson have been working hard at building their business and making their music.

They have Launched their latest website, eaten to the beat at Epcot, taken Mmmhops to major beer festivals and written new music for and with other artists. They have taken part in serious conversation with a national leader, Isaac presented a play list for an exhibition of Andy Warhol art at a local museum and Taylor took part in the Forbes summit. They also found time to  live stream news of Hanson day 2015, made voicemail messages for lucky fans and much, much, more.


It isn’t good to take your eyes off the ball with this band. Blink and you miss something. Never still. Never just doing nothing.

As a new Christmas song is released via the website – strains of Finally It’s Christmas are heard on Smart phones and laptops around the globe – and the next live stream is hotly anticipated.

For some people, not much will beat the innuendo and cooking antics of the last stream, but the Christmas edition always holds something special.

Whether Hanson are decorating their studio space with cotton wool or fairy lights or giving each other slightly inappropriate gifts in public, much of the joy, outside of the humour and music, is in the attention to detail and the unexpected.

The Christmas Special will be live streamed from Hanson.net on November 29th at 6:00pm CST.


During the most recent live stream, Isaac and Taylor Hanson looked back to moments brought to mind by the present time of year.

Taylor talked of barefoot walks held during autumnal tours, with cold, wet fans turning out in large numbers to continue supporting this venture – which it seems is set to last well into the future.

Isaac spoke of Halloween costume parties, reminiscing about dressing up as characters from favourite films or slightly more embarrassing options

Zac held his own by providing yet more innuendo and proving that he can kill any pumpkin you put in front of him, even if it takes several attempts and plenty of scientific observation by an older brother.

There are times in the year when Hanson fans can justifiably believe that they follow three of the craziest musicians out there.

Crazy, work driven, inspired, creative individuals who just never seem to stop making and giving. No wonder Hanson fans live in a world where there is always something to look forward to.

But the most recent news of Hanson, shows Taylor at a show in Los Angeles performing with Zane Carney at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles.

Carney who is a world-class guitarist and singer/ songwriter, is known for working with John Mayer and CARNEY.

Last night Taylor Hanson joined him on stage for a performance of Sam and Dave’s Hold on I’m Coming.

This song, which Hanson have performed many times, and this performance, transport the listener and the fan to the place where Hanson operate on a whole other level.

It moves beyond the humour and creativity of fun adventures, and lays the raw, musical prowess of Taylor and the Hanson sound down for all to see.

The generous way in which Taylor refers to his host demonstrates the mutual respect from artist to artist and the impromptu music carries a strength and style that pay tribute to talent long tempered in the fire.

Credit and thanks to Lauren Slone.

It is wonderful fun to see Hanson hang loose on the screen.

They do it with a glint in their eye and a nod to fans who they know will forgive them anything.

Just don’t forget, that however jolly the season and light the entertainment, Hanson mean business.
Their music and their vision are tough and purposeful.


Juxtapose the hilarious antics of Hanson in the familiar comfort of their studio, in front of their adoring fans, with the gutsy, stylish, raw and talent filled live performance and you get something worth savouring.

Hanson take their fans on a ride from the beyond sublime to the almost ridiculous and it happens time after time.

The taste of pumpkin pie and the very best of times all rolled into one.




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