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Just A Simple Conversation 

Just a simple conversation but I’ve memorised each line …..

This appeal to the profound impact of words shared, begins the Hanson song Never Love Again”, written during the years spent composing Underneath.

During those days no one would have blamed Hanson for tirelessly pursuing the lost art of communication, as they banged their heads on the door of the music industry and asked the world “Are You Listening?”


There are a number of Hanson songs which feature the idea of words shared and expressed between people in different circumstances;

Voice In The Chorus, These Walls, Underneath, You Can’t Stop Us, Scream And Be Free,

These and other songs, focus a spotlight on opportunities created or missed, the confusions, and frustrations generated by words, their use and misuse.

Listening to Hanson communicate in public takes the observer on a roller coaster ride through the absurd and hilarious to the moving, challenging and profound.

When talking on their own terms, with an open and receptive audience, Hanson share ideas and perspectives that enhance understanding of their vision and take the listener forward.

In both words and actions Hanson move quickly from one thing to the next. They don’t stand still. They build on what they have already achieved and they evolve. Hanson have never been just survivors. They have always been shapers, movers and shakers.

Much of that action is publicised, but it would make sense for much to be happening quietly, away from the public eye, that is until the time is right and the environment ready to share the latest initiative, the latest conversation.

Occasionally the Hanson Pinterest account drops a gem of insight, from a book recently read or a  film watched.

If Hanson ever took geocaching seriously, then maybe they also cache items online for the curious observer to find and ponder over.

While at present  Zac and Isaac Hanson talk and write music with other artists in Los Angeles, Taylor is building bridges and partnerships in Tulsa Oklahoma.


The last few weeks have seen Food on The Move gather momentum, with Taylor appearing in local media supporting this activity.

Taylor Hanson Project 

A clue to some of the background to this initiative is to be found in the Hanson Pinterest  account where 2 years ago, a pin was made of a book called, “Mr Ambassador (Warrior For Peace)”  


At that time Taylor commented that former Ambassador  Edward J Perkins, the subject of the book, was a “really inspiring person.”

One wonders if he had any idea at the time, where that inspiration would take him.

On Friday, Taylor Hanson will moderate a “Conversation” where Former US Ambassador Perkins will speak and local partners and leaders will share their concerns, interests and ideas about solving the issue of hunger in Tulsa, while raising money for Irongate, an organisation feeding the hungry and homeless.

“What Ambassador Perkins adds to ‘The Conversation With …’ is from the point of view of being a statesman and building relationships and taking on challenges. There’s really no one with greater experience in doing that,” Hanson said. “Statesmanship all starts in the community. You have to really understand the person on the other side of the table.”

And it seems that this is just the first “Conversation With” to be held, with others to come in the future.

Whilst music will always be at the heart of Hanson, the desire to encourage listening which will have an impact for the better on the lives of many, is written all over this passion for helping to build a better Tulsa with community at the heart.

This conversation may not be just a simple one.

Issues like these are not solved easily.

However, the passion, the drive and the collaborative, caring and creative nature of this communication must surely make for change.

As fans of Hanson, their music and their business, we admire the initiative.

As citizens watching other citizens wrestle with the challenges of 21st century living, we listen to the conversation with enormous respect, interest and awe.

The Conversation


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