Hanson Return to Toronto, Take Over CNE

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29 August 2014

by Emily Santos

“We just smelled the lovely smells of smoked bacon,” says Taylor Hanson, who’s at Toronto’s CNE with brothers Isaac and Zac.

It was in 1997 when the trio first released their smash hit “Mmmbop.”

Fast-forward almost two decades later, and the band is still making music with the release of their sixth studio album “Anthem” – a compilation unlike something you’d expect from a 90’s “boy band.” It’s mature, clean and passionate.


And passion seems to be a key word.

With a focus on their label 3CG, their brewery, and “Take the Walk” – a grassroots campaign to support poverty and people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa, Hanson are managing to keep themselves very busy.

“We’ve done thousands of walks with thousands of different people around the world,” says Taylor. “[Take the Walk has] helped drill clean water wells, helped build schools, and helped provide medicine. … The thing about it is, the power of that connection. We have a lot of things we’re passionate about. There’s a lot of worthy causes, but the power of Take the Walk campaign is really the idea of experiencing with those that are there. Not just giving, but connecting.”

“It’s also about never asking people to do something you’re not willing to do yourself,” adds Isaac.

Besides passion for Take the Walk, the brothers have launched MMMHops, a pale ale. Reports had suggested it may be making it way to Canada, but for now, Canucks can order it online.

Talyor says they’re growing their brand and currently, it’s available in Oklahoma, Illinois and Kansas.


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Source: Talk Radio AM640

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