Gig Review: Hanson, Adam Martin @ The Tivoli 05/08/14

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Written by Velvet Winter


It was a night of in-betweens as 90’s heartthrobs Hanson took at The Tivoli to guide Brisbane through their new album Anthem. Bringing along The Voice alumni Adam Martin as support the brothers three proved that they’re all grown up to a crowd that would have loved them either way.

Approaching The Tivoli on the opening night of the Anthem tour I pondered to my concert-mate (who was clad in a faded Hanson t-shirt) whether it would just be me and her in the crowd bopping along to Mmmbop. As we got closer I had to figuratively eat my words as the line stretched all the way down the street, around the corner and then around another corner. People really love Hanson, or more specifically people in their mid to late 20’s really love Hanson. Good to see their fan base has grown up with

Adam Martin, who was a contestant on the first season of The Voice, led off the night’s festivities with his own particular brand of acoustic indie pop. Being alone on such a stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar must have been daunting for the Melbourinite but he showed no fear and led the crowd through some inoffensive tracks, even eliciting a sing-a-long at one point. Lovely.

Hanson took to the stage amid screams that I thought were only present at a One Direction concert and launched into I’ve Got Soul, which as the title alluded, was quite a jazzy little number that highlighted how much Hanson has changed.

Anthem standout Fired Up did exactly what it was meant to as the crowd bounced off the walls singing along to this rock driven track. I would be amiss to not mention the amazing fired up sign that lit up in the audience during this track, Hanson definitely has fans committed enough to tackle electrical work for them.

Hanson got the crowd all fired up then abruptly left the stage to set up for an acapella number. All gathered around one microphone Taylor Hanson explained his and his brothers love and respect for fellow band of brothers The Bee Gees. Brisbane being the home of The Bee Gees, Hanson performed a pitch perfect rendition of their classic Too Much Heaven. I witnessed more than one case of severe swooning from the lady audience members during this song.

After this raw display of talent each brother took the stage individually to play a song. What actually took place was an interesting social experiment on the most popular of the three men. Eldest brother Issac began with a modest applause, youngest brother Zac performed his piano driven number to three “I love you!”s and one “Marry me!” plus a whole lot of screaming then middle brother Taylor playing to a screaming crowd and just one “I love you”. All in all, poor Issac.

The boys then played through another half dozen songs of their previous five albums before coming to the penultimate moment of the concert, the moment they played Mmmbop. The crowd predictably went nuts over the 90’s hit and it sounded amazing, however there was something a bit creepy about these grown men singing a song that so intrinsically connected to their teenage selves.

Fast forwarding to the future Hanson led on with most recent single Get The Girl Back a rollicking good number carried by a particularly forceful brass section. It was slightly disappointing that the brass in the song was simply a recording when played live but a good tune nonetheless.

Encore songs Watch Over Me and In The City pleased the crowd and left the whole concert on an upwards feel.

The Hanson boys have fought hard to stay relevant in the last decade, with five successful albums, their own music label and fans that scream like teenage girls at their concerts; it would seem as if they have succeeded. Musically, the guys nail it with their exuberant talent but to really get into the show I guess you gotta be one of those lifelong fans.

Source: AAA Backstage

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