Are these the most die-hard Hanson fans in the world?

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December 5, 2013

by Lynda Moyo

Fans fly over from Greece and Germany to camp outside The Ritz Manchester for the pop trio.



Hanson, the American pop rock band of brothers from Oklahoma, may seem like one-hit wonders to many with their catchy ‘MMMbop’ track from 1997 (yes it was that long ago), but life-long fans of the band beg to differ.

A group of dedicated Hanson fans from across the UK and Europe camped outside The Ritz Manchester this morning in high wind and rain ahead of the band’s gig tonight at the venue.

Chris Eason from Stoke-on-Trent, who, along with other fans from as far afield as Greece and Germany, had waited in a sleeping bag at the entrance to The Ritz since the early hours, said: “They’re just the best. Youthful, energetic, committed, dedicated musicians.”


The super fans were also waiting for Hanson to lead a barefoot charity walk around the city centre from 3pm this afternoon, however the band announced the cancellation of the walk via their Twitter page this afternoon, due to extreme winds in the city.

Anneka Clark from Chester, who, along with her two sisters, was first in the queue, said: “We’re waiting out because we couldn’t bear to be at the back of a Hanson concert. We got here at 5am.”

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Source: Manchester Evening News

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1 Comment

  1. Great article!!
    I think the only reason for us doing these kind of things for Hanson is the passion they arouse in us. We were all really young when we became fans, we’ve grown up with them, listening to their music, and I believe that through that, at some point, they’ve taught us to be as passionate in our day-to-day life as they are with they music….so it’s only logical that we would go through anything to share a show with them up front and give back a little of the passion they’ve given us through the years. It’s just like Tay once told us “Be assured you never have to apologize for your passion”, we live by that and we are proud to.
    PS: Me and my friend came from Argentina for the show in Manchester and 6 others in Europe, I’m there on the floor in the first picture looking like I’m about to get hypothermia 😉

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