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Isaac Hanson 

On Sunday 17th November, Mr Clarke Isaac Hanson reached the grand age of 33.


As Hanson began their music career 21 years ago, he was 11 years old when he first performed officially on stage, at Mayfest in Tulsa 1992.

However, Hanson had been singing and developing musical ties long before then, so let’s suppose that by 9 years of age, Isaac was honing his love of music and whether practicing piano or dreaming of Johnny B Goode and the guitars he was to craft, he had his eyes firmly fixed on a musical life.

As the announcer in Carman’s Yo Kidz  “David and Goliath”,  Isaac cut a compelling figure as storyteller, and that capacity for knowledge and wisdom is celebrated in two well known nicknames – Hancyclopedia and Old Man Badass.

Isaac has the Hanson history, firmly and minutely tattooed in his mind and he demonstrates a profound sense of the Gentlemanly.

His sincerely honest and humourous responses in conversation, which ramble ever so slightly, betray a genuine character, which doesn’t bluff and if caught on one foot, errs on the side of humility.

Known to be fastidious about his appearance, his penchant for the suit and tie, have endeared him to a particular section of the fan base and together with his slick hair cuts it has added more than a touch of class to the sex appeal of the Hanson show.

© Sarah Rix
© Sarah Rix

And don’t forget the shoes. The wonderful shoes.

So if Isaac is in any way responsible for the anomaly that is “Hanson Time”, he is forgiven.

If it takes a little time to look that good, then so be it.

But it is his talent as musician and the voice that clinch it.

The sound of Isaac Hanson’s sultry groove is a pearl of great  price and if he has ever had doubts about his vocals, the recent campaign for “Isaac leads” and the 1,632 post thread on Hanson.net calling for more Isaac, should offer some reassurance.

Not that he needs it of course. He opens his mouth and liquid gold floats on the air waves. Sometimes soft and smooth as silk, other times strong, growling and full of depth, Isaac’s voice lingers in the ear and pulls at the heart.

His voice can wake you up from slumber as much as it can soothe you to sleep.

Isaac Hanson performing at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. Photo Credit: Joe Koch
Isaac Hanson performing at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.
Photo Credit: Joe Koch

His contribution to the songwriting of Hanson is hard to isolate because they work so collaboratively. However, he is the one who questions and persists when things don’t seem right.

Maybe his pessimistic tendencies offer moments to pause and reflect when the train of enthusiasm that writes a zillion Hanson songs gathers momentum.

There are a million favourite moments for every music lover that is a fan of Isaac Hanson.

In “More than Anything”, “A Minute Without You”, “Hand in Hand”,“Deeper”, “Ain’t No Sunshine” or “You Can’t Stop Us”, the creative and expressive talents of Isaac, ooze from his solos  and blissfully enrich the rest.

Whether on the end of a tease from his brothers or answering the questions that no one else knows, playing the guitar with red hot hands and adding the Hanson defining riffs, or simply being a true gentleman, Isaac Hanson at 33 is a star.

“Lay Me Down”, is a simple and moving song that was written after seeing the graves in Soweto South Africa, of children who had died of AIDS.

In this tender rendition, the honesty, courage, defiance, understanding and compassion of Isaac Hanson are on show in an intimate way.

So from the fount of all knowing, through the grumblings of the old man, to the responsible tenderness of the father and brother, we say that Isaac Hanson is one very special man.

In honour of the man, we run on Hanson Time to say  Happy Birthday Isaac.


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