Hanson brothers launch Mmmhops beer. Seriously.

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August 9, 2013

by Emily Senger


MmmhopsThe Hanson brothers, yes the long-haired teens who brought you the MMMBop earworm in 1996, are getting into the beer biz with a signature brew called Mmmmhops.

The brothers – Isaac, Taylor and Zac — are now more than old enough to drink. All are in their late 20s and early 30s, and two of them have cut their signature wavy locks.

The first sips of the Mmmhops suds debuted at The Hangover Part III premiere in May of this year. The beer will be available to the public in the fall, alongside the band’s sixth studio album Anthem, reports Rolling Stone. Yes, Hanson is still making music.

While news of the beer has been around since May, Mmmhops hype spread rapidly this week after New York magazine interviewed the two younger Hanson bros. (That would be Taylor and Zac for readers who were not a pre-teen girl in the ’90s.)

According to the interview, the brothers Hanson starting thinking that their fans are now old enough to drink, so why not make a beer? Taylor Hanson tells New York magazine about the origin of the name, which started as a joke:

I think technically Isaac came up with Mmmhops. Facetiously, we began taking titles from songs that could be the moniker for our beer. Where’s the Lager, from “Where’s the Love.” Pilsner and Me, from “Penny and Me.” Of course, hops is the ultimate ingredient that you think of with beer, so Mmmhops was set into the air, and everyone went, “You know, that’s actually kind of genius.” Like, here we are at the end of a long day, you sit down at the bar and think, Mmm, hops. You can sort of imagine Homer Simpson saying it.

The Hanson bros won’t be the first musicians to lend their name to a brew. Kid Rock launched his American Badass Beer in 2009 and the beer is making a comeback this summer after financial problems at the brewery in 2012. Snoop Dogg/Lion hawked a horrific fruit-flavoured Colt 45 beverage in 2011. And Iron Maiden has a totally metal beer called Trooper, which is available online, though not in Canada.

Source: Maclean’s

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