Making Waves: Hanson Talk Business and Performs “Get The Girl Back”

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Aug 01, 2013

By Portia Baladad

Like their first big song “MMMBop,” Hanson are an extremely likeable band.

For years, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac have been flying under-the-radar making some infectious pop songs on their own. While they might not have had the same chart-topping success they first got with “MMMBop,” they haven’t let that overshadow their careers. The brothers even went so far as to naming their special craft beer “Mmmhop” (tagline: from the guys who brought you “Mmmbop”) after the hit, even bringing a couple bottles to The Hangover 3 premiere.

We ourselves couldn’t help but adore their infectious (albeit caffeine-fuelled) optimism when they last dropped by ANDPOP HQ. While here, they talked about the music business, what keeps them together as a band and even gave us an exclusive acoustic performance of their single, “Get The Girl Back.”

Trust us when we say you won’t be able to stop bopping your head to this beat.

Hanson’s latest album, “Anthem,” is out now!

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