MmmBop star Zac Hanson, 27, and wife expecting third child

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May 31, 2013

by Heidi Smart

Whoever called ‘one-hit-wonder’ had better bite their tongue.

Not only is the band Hanson about to release a new album, but the band’s drummer and younger brother is now expecting baby number three with his wife Kate.

Here’s the tally: once Zac and Kate’s baby is born, the band will have 10 children between them, and the new album, Anthem, will be their ninth studio album since their debut chart topper, Middle Of Nowhere (which included – you know it – MmmBop), in 1996.

Hanson attend the Hangover III Premiere.

The 27-year-old drummer told People that he and Kate will welcome their third baby in the fall.

‘We are so happy and thankful to add more life and love to our family!’ Zac gushed.

The couple, who wed in 2006, already have two youngsters: five-year-old Shepherd, and 2-year-old Junia Rosa Ruth.

Zac and Kate Hanson with their children Shepherd and Junia

The talented musician added, ‘It’s fun this time to watch the little ones so excitedly anticipating their new sibling,’

As Zac’s family continues to grow, so do the families of his brothers and bandmates, Taylor and Isaac.

Isaac, the eldest band member, has two children with his wife Nicole: Everett, 6, and Monroe, 4 and a half; 30-year-old Taylor Hanson has five little ones with wife Natalie: Ezra, 10, Penelope, 8, River, 6, Viggo, 4, and Wilhelmina, 8 months.

Hanson attend the Hangover III Premiere.

In an interesting twist, Hanson’s very first hit – MmmBop – in fact features on the soundtrack to the movie The Hangover Part III.

And as Hanson’s family continues to branch out, so do their music careers: it started with MmmBop, the song that made them a household name as well as pin-ups for most teenage girls of the era.

But it wasn’t long before the innovative and talented trio parted ways with their last major record label, Island Def Jam Music Group, and went out on their own to seek further creative freedom.

The band created their own independent label, 3CG Records, under which they now release all of their material.

The Oklahoma locals have continued to tour worldwide, and as they do so, they consistently incorporate charitable acts into their schedule.

The band recorded a song with a school choir in Soweto, South Africa, and donated all proceeds towards research and prevention of AIDS in Africa.

Hanson also initiated an ongoing event called The Walk (where they quite literally rally their fans to walk shoeless with them prior to each concert) to promote TOMS Shoes’ campaign to donate a pair of shoes to a child in Africa for every pair bought.

As if that wasn’t enough for the multitasking lads, they also released their own beer: Mmmhops Pale Ale.

The beer was debuted, of course, at The Hangover Part III’s premiere.

Hanson’s new album, Anthem, is out June 18, and those that haven’t tuned in since MmmBop are likely to be pleasantly surprised at the band’s mature, edgy, ‘rock’ transformation.

Source: Daily Mail (UK)

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