Hanson band’s Mmmhops Pale Ale officially now exists with help of craft brewery

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May 23rd, 2013

by Adam Nason

Some of you will be celebrating Memorial Day Weekend with a trip to the movies to watch Hangover 3. Hanson’s Mmmbop makes an appearance in the flick so the band was invited to the movie premiere earlier this week.

They brought beer.


The MmmHops beer concept that the band revealed back in November of 2011 is now a reality thanks to the work of Mustang Brewing. Both the band and the brewery hail from Oklahoma and a tasting event was held at a bar there last year. The final product is a pale ale.

In a red carpet interview at the premiere, the band quipped that “You can now get a hangover with Hanson,” before belting out an ear-shattering a capella rendition of an upcoming tune. They also said that the beer would be available “this month.”

One oddity to note is that the beer which appears to be a ‘commercial’ product based on the photo below did not have TTB label approval published publicly as of earlier in the week. The TTB regulates beers that fall under interstate commerce.

Update: “The product that was sent to the premier was a sample batch and for promotional purposes only,” says Mustang Brewing founder, Tim Schoelen. “The final recipe is yet to be determined. In fact, Hanson was in our brewery this week working with us on a pilot brew. They’re great guys and serious craft beer fans. We look forward to working with them.”

There is now a website for the beer as well as a Twitter page and a Facebook page.

This wouldn’t be the first brewery-band collaboration. While Dogfish Head’s collaborations with Pearl Jam, Deltron 3030 and others have proven to be successful, there are exceptions. Michigan Brewing went out of business not long after losing a contract for the Kid Rock-branded American Badass beer.

Source: BeerPulse.com

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