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Promo and Passion

Over the past week Hanson has taken part in some pretty stupendous promotional activity for their new music – Anthem.

From the show in NYC with I Heart Radio, popping balloons on Big Morning Buzz, to crazy 21st birthday antics involving dance routines and brothers tattooing brothers – The opening herald of Hanson’s Anthem has been true to form.

Carrie Keagan 'vaders' Hanson on Big Morning Buzz Live.
Carrie Keagan ‘vaders’ Hanson on Big Morning Buzz Live.

The appearances in LA were followed a day later by time in NYC, where passion for the music, professionalism, an intelligent sense of humour and sheer hard work, again drove the band – No one can be in any doubt that Hanson will give more than just a little in order to share their music and grow their business.


It is worth highlighting that all this has been done with such respect that one might wonder at the values that keep Isaac, Taylor and Zac so polite, honest and generous in both interview and performance.




It is noted by fans, that regardless of the questions asked or the level of knowledge held by the interviewer, Hanson is almost always gracious and patient, when telling their story.

So when the party is over and the first thrill of the album and tour  has subsided a little, what will be news?

Hanson site 9 studio albums.

Tensions in the band ran high as the album process began.

This album process was the quickest they have ever experienced.

The songs not chosen for the album will see the light of day.

There are as yet unannounced fan events scheduled for the tour.

MMMhops is still on the agenda and if it can be sold at shows, it will be.



Taylor’s favourite colour is still red, Isaac’s Kermit the frog impersonation is still good to go and Zac is more embarrassed by losing his drum mid show than his ability to burp.

But is this the real story? Can these things do justice to the fact that Hanson have created new music, which after the first listen in NYC, seems set to light fires in both the hearts of fans and music lovers waiting to catch the excitement of something new.



Perhaps the most meaningful things to come from the interviews and appearances so far have to do with what Hanson still are at their heart.

There is no doubt, in fact it was said by Zac and Isaac, that the challenge to keep honing the craft of song writing and performing are essential to who they are as people and both have enormous awareness of how far they still want to go.

It is obvious that Hanson care deeply about action to help relieve poverty around the world and that the process of inspiring that action in others will continue.

It also seems that the exploration into what it means to be creative, fuels much of the development of Hanson’s music. Taylor talked with enthusiasm in interview, of the creative drive that pushes them to the next thing and the need to keep the “antenna” up in respect of musical ideas.

During the making of Underneath, Isaac, Taylor and Zac defined themselves as pessimist, optimist and realist but it would seem now that “master builder”, “artist” and “innovator” may be better ways to understand them.



Maybe the most compelling insight into Hanson’s thinking at present is their capacity to embrace being human in their relationships and their music making.

As Taylor talked of revering the process of humans making music together, Isaac spoke about the honesty of the live performance and both underlined the belief that when their music connects with people, it does so in a deeply human way.


For many who were able to watch the I Heart Radio Live Stream or be present at the show – there was little doubt that this is the case.

From beginning to end, the humanity, the creativity, the expertise, the craftsmanship and the art of Hanson were there, for all to see.

Thanks and credit to VH1 Big Morning Buzz and Music Choice “U&A”

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