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From Apps to Anthem

By now the news of Hanson’s latest album, the new Hanson app, the first leg of the tour and the merchandise packages has found its way into the reality of most hard core Hanson fans. This is all courtesy of the new Hanson.net.

It happened online and you would have had to be on top of Mount Everest to miss it!


The connected-ness of fans means that news travels super fast. Across oceans, fans were helping each other out, comparing notes and making plans within seconds and while many were shouting out the joy of multiple functions on the new app, gathering points and followers – in a room somewhere in Tulsa, Hanson wrestled with the teething problems of a new format being hit very hard.

The excitement had been palpable during the hours leading up to the switch on – with fans REFRESHING only seconds after 10.00am CT.
Then followed moments of lock down, lockout and welcome, while the site crawled around, got up on its feet and gathering confidence, stood proud – revealing itself to be darker in tone, stylish, refined and yet familiar – full of gifts and promise.

Now, as the buzz settles, lovers of Hanson music can be heard musing about the album title, the chosen tracks and the art work which with Hanson, always mirrors a central concept.

As aficionados of Hanson music will know, the band takes the concept and inspiration behind their music very seriously indeed, and with that in mind, the title Anthem is an exceptionally interesting one.

“We have always been in awe of the ability music has to engage people, whether it’s a song that makes you want to dance, or a song that inspires you to take action for a cause. We want this record to be the anthem for all those moments”, says Taylor.  http://www.hanson.net/site/sections/13

But before the conviction came a time of exploration – It seems that this album did not fall together easily. As Hanson have mentioned, there was a period of “time out” required after years of hard work with the two previous albums. Each member of the band found some space to be themselves as individuals, learn a new skill or enjoy simple time with their growing families.

When they were ready, they took again to Sonic Ranch and with the “buffer” of the Pecan Groves and desert air, they did what comes naturally – wrote from the heart, recorded together, live, and assimilated what each member of the band, individually brings to the group that is Hanson.

Hanson 20th credit to hanson facebook
Hanson 20th credit to Hanson

The tracks on Anthem, from lyric to rhythm and melody will reflect both the combined excellence of Isaac, Taylor and Zac, whilst creating space for each individual to bring something new to music that has over 21 years of collaboration behind it.

Taylor Hanson has been known to read the Russian- American novelist Ayn Rand. One of her novels is called – Anthem.

In this novel, she explores a world where people are bereft of personal identity and freedoms. People are nameless and all decisions are made by committee. To be an individual is considered a sin. To be different and stand out from the crowd is considered criminal. Yet the protagonist, finds his self, he falls passionately in love and discovers freedom. That is his salvation.

For Hanson their anthem has always been driven by passionate, uncompromising love for music and self expression. They have never followed the crowd or bowed to the demands of the committee.

With this album they continue that adventure and the world and we their fans are better for it. Their anthem is our anthem.

So in the days to come where will you find us? We will be with Hanson singing for the ages.




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