Blast from the Past – This Time Around Tour 2000

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As the excitement for the new album mounts, we look back to the “This Time Around” tour in 2000 and dig some show reviews out of the archives.


During this tour, Hanson honed the style of performance that has become their trademark. They realised that their fan base was solid and would travel to show after show and that if they could “continue to do this” (quoting Taylor Hanson TTA story London June 2011), they were set for a long term career despite issues with the record label that were already starting to appear.

While many were still in their teens, the fans showed their adoration and commitment to Hanson, who showcased a more mature, rock style in their music. As fans came out to show after show, this tour was to cement the relationship Hanson had with their fans and prove to those with open eyes, that Hanson was here for the long haul.

The reviews reveal much about the growing vision of Hanson, their relationship with the fans, as well as the wide range of musical influences that inspired their set lists and kept their audiences on their toes. Enjoy.

Read the reviews from This Time Around Tour here

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