Hanson Does ‘Mmmbop’ 16 Years Later

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Hanson does ‘MMMBop’ 16 years later
Jan 30, 2013

With the recent boy band revival, most evident in the upcoming Package Tour featuring New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, it’s hard to forget another band that forever lives on in a ’90s kid’s heart — Hanson.

But it turns out that some things just get better with age, as evidenced by this amazing version the brothers did of their breakout hit “MMMBop” on Australian radio show Fifi and Jules. The video was posted to Youtube last September, but it’s gaining a lot of attention this week thanks to a recent post on BuzzFeed.

Now sung in a lower key (Taylor and Isaac were both just teenagers, and Zac a child, in 1997 when the song came out), the boys actually sound even better than they did 16 years ago.


Source: MSN Entertainment

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