30 Holiday Songs That Don’t Suck

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In case you haven’t been to your local mall lately (or just stepped out of the house in general), the holidays are officially everywhere. And with holiday fever come a few telltale symptoms — like gift buying and giving, tree decorating, candle lighting, dreidel spinning, traveling, and hopefully tons of eggnog to wash it all down.

550x700_2It’s also that time of year where you may be forced to listen to holiday songs every single place you go (Like, everywhere from your mom’s house to your local Starbucks.) You know what, though? Holiday songs get kind of a bad rap! After all, how many times can you listen to “Jingle Bells” before wanting to run screaming off the nearest snowdrift? This got us thinking — surely there have to be some supremely awesome holiday songs out there. You know, the kind of ditties that cleanse your mind and make you forget you’re listening to a holiday song at all. And that’s exactly why we rounded up a collection of our favorite holiday songs — the kind that definitely don’t suck. Enjoy!

10 Hanson, “Run Rudolph Run”: Originally popularized by Chuck Berry, this famous ’90s band of brothers (no, not the Jonas Brothers) stay true to the track’s unleashed energy, but add their own unique brand of alternative pop to the mix. + Listen to Hanson, “Run Rudolph Run.”

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