Exclusive! Taylor Hanson Shares a Family Portrait

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Exclusive! Taylor Hanson Shares a Family Portrait

16 July 2009

By Rennie Dyball

While four kids may sound like a handful to many, for Taylor Hanson, the arrival of his newest child, son Viggo Moriah, didn’t send his stress level over the top. “After two kids, you’re outnumbered,” he tells Celebrity Baby Blog with a laugh. “So once you cross having three, having four is not such a big deal.” Viggo’s digging the big family, too. “He’s so interested in what everyone is doing around him,” says Taylor. “He loves to be in the middle of the action and doesn’t want to miss a thing.”

There’s no shortage of action for Taylor, 26, wife Natalie, 25, and their brood (left to right: Penelope Anne, 4, Viggo, 7 months, River Samuel, 2 ½, and Jordan Ezra, 6 ½). “I think it’s pretty much ‘the more the merrier’ for them at this point,” jokes the proud dad, whose band mate brothers Isaac and Zac have families of their own as well.

When Viggo arrived back in December, each of his siblings welcomed him in their own way. The eldest, Ezra, happily took the new addition in stride. “He’s always been really sweet with other kids and babies,” says Taylor. “My wife jokingly calls it the Hanson gene.” Big sis Penelope, “immediately wanted to hold him and said to Natalie, ‘Oh, Mommy, if you need any help, I can get Viggo dressed!’ It just clicked for her.” And the former baby of the family, River, “was a little indifferent when he first met Viggo,” says Taylor with a laugh (adding that River pronounced his brother’s name “Biggo“). “He appreciates that he’s got another brother, but he’s kind of busy right now. He’s like, that’s great! I’m gonna go play with my Lego’s.”

As for resemblance to mom and dad, Taylor reports that most people say he looks like Natalie more than any of their other kids, but Viggo, “has these fat little cheeks that are just like I had when I was a baby.”

Now, as dad gets back to work — Hanson will be back on tour in September to promote a new E.P and have a new full-length album out in the spring — he says nothing compares to life at home with his wife and kids. Years ago, “I never saw myself having this big family at a young age,” says Taylor. “But I can’t imagine anything else now. It’s just the greatest.”

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