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June 18th, 2013

by Lexi Bisonnette

Anthem_Cover_FinalThe brothers are back with their newest album, Anthem, which continues to deliver the same upbeat and good natured sound as their previous works. Fans of the pop band have nothing to let them down with as brothers Isaac, Zac and Taylor produced and wrote the album completely on their own.

The album is filled with exactly what got the Hanson brothers to the top all those years ago. Fun, upbeat and iconic of the pop genre, this album delivers. The songs have quirky lyrics that speak of love and passion, for all things. An evolution in their style can be heard, though. The songs speak to deeper topics and have the addition of a rock feel that has not been present before, the brothers focused more towards pop/alternative sounds in the past.

The starting track, “Fired Up”, keeps you on board with a strong drum beat and fun-loving lyrics. Perhaps the most intriguing track on Anthem is “I’ve Got Soul” with the addition of a jazzier sound from the piano than the other tracks. But if you’re missing some of the classic sounds that made Hanson what they are, “Cut Right Through” brings back more of the alternative pop feeling.

Rating: Iconic

Source: That Music Mag


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