From the Band – 25th January ’13

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And so it begins once again. We are back in the studio again and working towards a finished album that should release the middle of 2013. Lots of irons in the fire now the music video for the first single is almost finished and with it the whole world will see the first glimpse of what this album looks and sounds like. We are finalizing the details for the on-sale of Back To The Island 2014 and assuming all goes as planned it will go on sale to all members some time the first or second week in February. I know it is early to be getting excited about next year’s vacation, but this year was awesome!

We are working hard on the schedule for Hanson Day 2013, hoping to do even more than we did in 2012 and always wanting to improve what events we have already done. Bowling, Movies, Gallery’s, Live Music, Food, Live Streaming, hopefully the best year yet. We are still waiting on a few details to make sure our dates all work, but should be able to announce when and where in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open for more photos and video from the recording of the new album as well as some live streaming of the always-entertaining 3CG studios. More soon

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson



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